The Secret Life of the Fireflies

This was the music I played for the first fireshow I did with Simon and Selina Liebel (The Fireflies) on 06.07.2019 in Hauenstein, Palatia, Germany. We have since done 2 more shows and intend to keep this going forever.
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This Music is the first piece of an album in the works and also a mini-album in itself with 35 Minutes. So you can get it now as a download-only Mini-1-Track-Album.

I will make 1 or 2 more pieces because I want to make a Complete Album of Fireshow Music.

If the CD is finished you will get a notice from Bandcamp. Or contact me via, and I will inform you as soon as the Album is finished.

The album will be downloadable as well as CD-R. People who buy "The Secret Life of the Fireflies" now will get a refund when ordering the complete CD.


There is a long rhythmless, soundcscapy introduction. Have patience...the 6 Percussionists, 2 Bassists and Megachoir will soon arrive and make some noise.

Sample used:
Attrribution: ejaz215 [CC BY 3.0 (]